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Mobile Device Software Development


Here we have various Mobile Device Software Development demonstrations with source code and executables, utilising various latest technologies.

JVM has been widely supported for most of mobile devices.

We will utilise QT C++ development tools for native application development.

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Java for Mobile

The FIC code can be easily ported to any mobile device where JVM is supported.

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QT C++ development

QT build of DownloadChecker for Windows: http://www.fairgo128demo.com:8082/svn/fairgo128/C++/QT/DownloadChecker/MyBuild.Windows

QT build of DownloadChecker for Linux/Ubuntu: http://www.fairgo128demo.com:8082/svn/fairgo128/C++/QT/DownloadChecker/MyBuild.Linux

Source Code on my SVN server: http://www.fairgo128demo.com:8082/svn/fairgo128/C++/QT/DownloadChecker

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