New Fic JAR + MSI builds posted - Version 0.4.38

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New Fic JAR + MSI builds posted - Version 0.4.38

Postby Admin » Mon 06 Sep, 2010 6:03 pm

Version 0.4.38, 2014-07-22:
Major development for RMIT trial deployment.
MSI builds do not contain JVM any more.
MSI installation will set up 3 scheduled daily scan tasks as: 7am, 12pm and 7pm.
Centralized event/alert logging.
Centralized messaging.
FIC Jar file auto update.
FIC WS API refine.

Version 0.4.28, 2014-03-28: port 80 FIC KB WS server has been established:
FicCfg.xml now use port 80 for FIC KB WS, by default.
Bug fixes.

Version 0.4.15, 2013-11-09:
Major changes through a Full User trial:
A few bug fixes,
More command line options added,
Refine screen display for -vs option, progressive messages for GUI will go to -vs too.

Version 0.4.5, 2013-09-30:
Bug fix + enhancement for RedHat Linux CentOS 64bit.
Not to create any alert message in alert.txt file, if the new diff is AutoApproved.

Version 0.4.1, 2013-09-24:
Refined database schema.

Version 0.3.5, 2013-08-28:
Add a few more command line options.

Version 0.3.4, 2013-07-25:
have mechanisms to support all variants of Linux.
minor bug fix to correct Fic version number display.

Version 0.3.3, 2013-06-18:
Sync the command line option functionality to Fic Client GUI. A few Fic Client GUI enhancements.
Tidy up the log file facility.

Version 0.3.2, 2013-06-06:
Major implementation for command line options (silence mode), for Full User to run Fic processes as scheduled tasks on both Linux (crontab) and Windows (Task Scheduler), being integrated with the Linux syslog and Windows event log.
Add more Fic Web Service API, with the role authorization, eg. committer role.

Version 0.2.2, 2013-04-25:
Another database schema restructure.

Version 0.1.2, 2013-04-23:
Existing user should download + reinstall.
Major database schema restructure: both client and server components change + reload are required.
DownloadChecker error handling enhancement: "Not able to comparing - IOException.".
Further installation bug fix - DownloadChecker Registry setup incorecctly, for 64 bit OS only (Fic64.msi).

Version 0.0.11, 2013-04-08:
Bug fix for supporting Win7 64 bits platform.
Now, Fic distribution include 4 files: Fic.msi, Fic64.msi, Fic.jar and Fic64.jar.

Version 0.0.10, 2011-02-18:
Bug fixes and enhancement for error handling,
Implement a useful and powerful facility - <VerifyPathExclusionManager>,
Load + read + use version.txt file.

Version 0.0.9, 2010-12-08:
Fix a new bug - Fic client application of version 0.0.8 does not approve the "Remove" file.

Version 0.0.8, 2010-11-28:
Further work for Fic restoration functionality. Restoration File Server has been available.
Advance File Restoration Demo can be found:
Rename MD5Verify to DownloadChecker.
A QT C++ version of DownloadChecker can be available, as the DownloadChecker.msi file.

Version 0.0.6, 2010-11-08:
Rebuild + repost Fic64.msi file.

Version 0.0.6, 2010-11-05:
Display total size inserted.
MSI installer Fic.msi and Fic64.msi have been developed + posted.
JRE is bundled within the MSI now, and will be installed on the way.

Version 0.0.5, 2010-10-10:
Major enhancement done for downloaded file verification utility - DownloadChecker.
Demo detail can be found at:

Version 0.0.4, 2010-10-04:
Add functionality for file restoration.
Add functionality to do MD5 check for downloaded file including
the Fic.jar itself, against the MD5 on the Web site.

Version 0.0.3, 2010-09-15:
Bug fix for the Alert list item. It displayed the wrong difference record when mouseClicked() on.
Have the GUI status bar for local DB file count.

Version 0.0.2, 2010-09-08:
Enable ApprovePending button.
More optimisation for PreApproval, by having rootPaths registration. This also needs minor changes to RemoteDb.
RemoteDb now contains DB for WinXp_AMD64bit, WinVista_32bit, Win7_32bit

Version 0.0.1, 2010-08-18: The first public post.
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